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Prevention and Early Intervention: The prevention staff gives consultation and assistance to schools, teachers, parents, students, counselors, employers, church groups and individuals. Educational programs and presentations are available for all ages and groups, and intervention assistance is available to anyone with a need.

Evaluation: Each person's situation is unique and deserves individual attention. A thorough evaluation clearly and effectively determines the extent of difficulties experienced and appropriate level of care.

Detoxification: Detox provides a safe and supervised place for people to withdraw while they are closely monitored and supported. The length of time required to detoxify from alcohol and/or other drugs depends upon the individual’s history, as well as the combination of alcohol and other drugs taken. MECCA has detoxification services in Iowa City; in Des Moines, we refer to area hospitals.

Family Services: Residential and outpatient treatment services include family groups to provide education and support for concerned persons. It is important for significant others in the affected person's life to obtain adequate support during and after the treatment process. Assistance to concerned persons is available even if the substance abuser is not involved in treatment. 

Problem Gambling Services Program: A new program of MECCA that offers a range of problem gambling services from assessment and evaluation to individual and group counseling and continuing care. See our Problem Gambling Services page for more information. 

OWI 12-Hour Course: A new MECCA program in 2008 for Eastern Iowa. Our OWI Program meets the Department of Education and Department of Transportation requirements under Iowa law 321J.2 and 321J.17 and is offered in Iowa City and Marengo.

Adolescent Outpatient: MECCA offers adolescent counseling services on a group, individual and family basis. Services are coordinated with other community agencies serving youth.       Adolescent Services Brochure Iowa City || Des Moines

Adult Outpatient: Outpatient treatment is designed for adults with moderate substance abuse difficulties. Outpatient services are tailored to the needs of the individual and may include counseling sessions provided in a group, individual, or family setting. The frequency and amount of treatment depends upon individual need.

Residential (Inpatient): Inpatient services offer individuals with substantial substance abuse problems daily intensive treatment contact in a 24-hour setting.  See the attached list of items to pack for an inpatient treatment stay.

Day Treatment: This level of care provides slightly less intense care than residential services and without the 24-hour "live-in" support.

Continuing Care: Individuals completing the primary treatment phase of recovery from alcohol and drugs need continued support to maintain recovery. For that reason, MECCA offers group meetings on a weekly basis and works with other community agencies and support groups to connect clients with the resources and assistance they need.

Halfway House: MECCA’s halfway house services in Des Moines and Iowa City are treatment programs structured so persons stabilizing their recovery from substance abuse can work and/or go to school and vocational programs while maintaining the changes they have made. Most frequently, the halfway program environment provides support not present in the home environment.

Case Management Services: The goal of case management services is to enhance substance abuse treatment success through the coordination of community resources.

  • MECCA’s Women and Children Services addresses the special needs of women by providing treatment and accessing a variety of resources to enhance treatment successes for both mother and children.
  • Co-occurring services are designed to best integrate treatment services for clients with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse concerns.

Transitional housing: This program provides safe, affordable, substance-free housing for families in substance abuse recovery with the goal of fostering self-sufficiency through ongoing substance abuse treatment and case management services.

Drug Testing: Drug testing is available for employers, family members, monitoring of clients while in treatment, and to meet the Department of Transportation requirements for drivers and other safety sensitive positions.

Contracted Services: MECCA staff provide services in a variety of onsite settings for many organizations. This includes assessment, early intervention and treatment in area high schools, junior high schools and colleges; and prevention services in a vast array of organizations and settings.

Fees for Services. MECCA accepts personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, VISA, MasterCard and cash. You may now pay your MECCA statement online using your credit card or PayPal account. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. The amount of financial aid available to a client is determined by a financial assessment of resources and/or insurance.

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